Customer Reference

'I am now just finalising the contracts - so thank you, it was great working with you'

"Prompt communication throughout....."

'Thanks Mary, another Sterling job!'

'thanks again for sourcing the venue, things went well.  I would certainly consider using your service again, very efficient'

"A totally reliable service....."

"you are wonderful Mary, you really are...I've been having such a bad day and you had just made me smile, many thanks"

"Every query is dealt with the same cheerful efficiency"

"The service we have experienced from Venue Master is second to none."

"Always very speedy and professional"

"I will be using your services all year again and will recommend you as you provide us with a really great service!"

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Customer Reference

"I don't know what I would do without them....."

'Thanks for all your help Mary, the service we have received from your organisation is second to none'

'thanks for your help & taking on the monumental task of finding something suitable - you're a gem!'

"Prompt communication throughout....."

"you are wonderful Mary, you really are...I've been having such a bad day and you had just made me smile, many thanks"

'You have provided us with an excellent choice - thank you for your efforts!'

"A totally reliable service....."

"I have always found you guys at Venue Master very friendly and helpful"
"The service we have experienced from Venue Master is second to none."

'Thank you so much for all the help, patience and professionalism you have shown in the last month or so'

Why Use Us? Incredible venue finding agency in Berkshire

Why should I consider using Venue Master

Why should I consider using Venue Master's free venue finding service?

We can think of several reasons, perhaps you may like to consider the following:-

    • As we are a relatively small company the service you receive from Venue Master is efficient, honest, unbiased, friendly and above all professional
    • We always have your best interests at heart, unlike some of the much larger companies who often work on a commission 'over ride' – this means that they offer you the venues that pay them the most commission so because of this you may never be offered the venues that would best suit your requirements
    • We are not interested in 'incentives' that are run by various hotel groups. Our only incentive is making sure that you use us time and again! We will achieve this by providing you with a customer service that is second to none
    • When you contact us with your enquiry you deal with the same person, instead of being passed from 'pillar to post', often each time having to repeat your brief all over again, this also means that there is someone to take 'ownership' and responsibility with regard to any issues you may have either with our service or the venues we use.

For example, we recently helped a PA who was due to be going on holiday. The week prior on the Wednesday she was given a task to source venues in several locations for a road show.

She was in a real panic, she had enough to do with getting everything in order before her holiday without having to take time to source venues etc.

She sent Venue Master her brief. Whilst she was on holiday we sourced the available options in the various locations so when she returned from holiday she had all the details she required to present to her manager.

This made her look super efficient and we secured some wonderful options for their road show which was extremely successful.

Venue Master specialise in helping busy people to find the right venue. You will find our Free Venue Finding service efficient, friendly, personal, honest, unbiased and professional – in fact, we could be your virtual PA ! Contact us today with your brief and we will start working for you.